What Makes A DIY Logo Great?

We are always in the business of trying to get more by spending less money. That is why as a small business person you may want to make your business logo. Logos are a graphic representation of your business; therefore you should put your all in making sure that you have the perfect logo that will sell your business brand well. How would you know if your logo will serve it purpose before you launch it to the market? You need not fret because there are known features of a good logo that you can check yours against. The fact that you are doing your logo as a DIY project should not be an excuse for not doing something quality.

A good logo has few details that are thoughtfully selected to pass the business's agenda to the public. All the aspects of the logo are placed on the logo to sell the business' brand artfully. A logo that has been crowded with information will tire the senses of the viewers, and at the end of the day, simple logos will capture the attention of the public more.

Another key feature of a great DIY logo is few colors. Under no circumstance should a logo have more than three colors if it is supposed to hold the public's attention. Although colors are meant to make the logo more attractive, two or three colors can do that. When a logo has many colors, it has a busy appearance with may turn away the attention of those looking at it. You may also incur more costs when printing that logo because the printing costs go high as you increase the colors.

You cannot talk about great logos without talking about logos that do not have pictures or images. There is a class of logos that are composed of texts only. The text is the name of the business written in a font that communicates the brand of the business. For instance, if the business is known for elegance, then the font selected should communicate that when starting a business. The same should be done if at all the business deals in products linked with fun then, by all means, use playful fonts. The color and size of the text matters, therefore put the text in a color and size that will communicate effectively.

Last but not least, the logo should be original to your business. Although you may get ideas from other logos the end product should be unique to you. It would be sad if your logo were to be confused for your competitors. Therefore, take deliberate actions to make your logo authentic.

These are the features of a good DIY Logo which you can use to see if your logo is ready for the public.

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